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About Us

An informal get together of few socially conscious Malayalies, in 2014, felt the need of setting up a responsible organization of Malayalis in Kanyakumari district for promoting and maintaining the social and cultural legacy of Malayalis in Kanyakumari. Several brainstorming sessions followed; which many times ran into late hours, and finally emerged the present association.

The association envisages a harmonious relationship with other sections of the society and believes in peaceful co-existence. The founding members of this association are from different sections of the Malayali society, with varied backgrounds. However, the common vision, mission, and cause that all these founding members shared, was the binding factor among the group. The founding members put in tremendous efforts in the initial months towards the conceptualization of the association.


To promote and maintain the Malayalam language and culture of Malayali society.

To associate and engage with other Malayali organizations based in Kanyakumari, India.

To organize programs for the social, educational and cultural development of Malayalis in Kanyakumari District.

To work towards the promotion of mental, physical, moral and overall development of the members of the association and general public.

To encourage literary and artistic talents of the members.

To publish and distribute books, periodicals, etc on interesting subjects.

Other general social and cultural objectives.

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